A premium monthly subscription.

R565 per month

*R1000 value. Including shipping anywhere in the country.



Get magical fitness stuff delivered to your door every month
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Subscribe to our monthly box and receive items in apparel, nutrition, equipment, recovery and education in every box, valued between R700 and R1200 each month.


Your athlete profile. Fill in your personal details, sizes and preferences so we can ensure that you get the perfect fit.


Get all your magical fitness stuff delivered right to your door and get your fit on no matter what type of fitness you are into!

Thank you for my amazing Unicorn Box. Wow I absolutely loved opening my box to see @fitbandsza in there. Love all my products. Thank you @unicornfitnessbox

Celeste DGJ

This was my first box and I loved it…especially the leggings!

Shelly Minne

Love, love, love my unicorn fitness box!


What an awesome box! Another month nailed @unicornfitnessbox!!

Riane van de Merwe


Want to top up on a product? Missed an item you really wanted? Don’t worry we got you covered.
Get indiviual items from our past boxes in our online store.


The MAGIC of the
Unicorn Fitness Box

The Unicorn Fitness Box is a premium monthly subscription exclusively for women. We bring you the best in what the fitness industry has to offer, from brands that are passionate about their products and services. Each months box contains items in apparel, equipment, nutrition, recovery and education to make sure you the subscriber are exposed to every corner of what local and international brands have to offer. The subscription process couldn’t be easier and is done directly on our site. Fill in your details as well as your athlete profile which allows us to get all your sizes and preferences so that we can supply you with a customized fit for each item. You are guaranteed to get items that you will find practical, useful, trendy and helpful, with the chance to contact the suppliers directly to top up on a product or see what else is in their range if you loved what they had to offer. We do not send any sample packs or sizes, but actual full size retail products for you to get the full experience. For only R565.00 per month, we deliver a box to your door ( yes, shipping included ) with a retail value of anywhere from R800 to R2000. You can subscribe for as long as you like with the option to cancel at anytime giving you total control of your experience with us. We also have options available for gifting subscriptions too for that magical lady in your life.