Our first ever fitness celebrity edition!! We will definitely be doing more of these.

Lisa Raleigh stepped up in a big way this month to ensure you magical ladies got the best in what she had to offer. Lisa challenged us to fit all her goodness inside the box with a whopping R2500 worth of products and vouchers. From custom bra fittings, equipment and apparel vouchers to awesome innovative and useful products from the LR store itself as well as some of Lisa’s favorite brands. Working with her and her team was amazing and based on that can only imagine the service level given to her clients and customers. Our personal favorites must have been the eco friendly cleaning products made specifically for cleaning those gym bottles you left in the car as well as the toeless socks which are just cute AF.

This is one super inspirational lady who stopped just short of throwing in the kitchen sink to make sure she motivates people to be healthy, live fit and enjoy each moment life has to throw at you!