June 2019 saw some power names that you love and recognize join us in the box with all of them bringing their expertise to their respective categories.

Exalt, a new company out of Pretoria had a quality bath salt manufactured exclusively with sports recovery in mind. Their customer service is amazing and prices super affordable. Muscle and Fitness Magazine showcasing the latest education in the industry. VivaGlam with their 3/4 leggings that have superior textile quality really showed. Fitchef showing you ladies just a couple of their dry goods to go as well as hooking you up with a 10% discount voucher on anything in their store making sure your nutrition game is on point.

If you were lucky enough to be part of this months box you got all the spoils. We made sure that you had good food, warm clothes, reading material and a great excuse to go bath during the winter months.

This months box came in at value added R885.00……#savingabuck