No April fools here ladies. We are super excited to get this months box in your hands and since you just opened it, Im sure you see why!! We have got some super awesome magical fitness stuff for you this month and we have thought a little out the box ( Pun totally intended ). Heres what we had to bring you.
Happy Earth People….. the name says it all. These guys have an awesome range of products that are earth friendly, taste amazing and are super healthy. With a ton of vegan and vegetarian options too, you can go wrong with them. Give their Chickpea Fusilli Pasta a try and let them know what you think! Athletico apparel bring you their awesome training vest designed for comfort while working out and support a greater purpose than just fitness apparel. Go check out their site to see the awesome things they are doing along the lines of health education and organization support.
Here is something amazing. ABC First Aid Training and Wellness Education is one of the 5 pillars of the Unicorn Fitness Box. Get educated in First Aid and know your body and how help it. They have a ton of courses available and its truly something you will keep for life!
D3 Tape is so much more than tope. They bring recovery to a new level with their strapping and instant ice packs. So convenient to carry around and use whenever wherever. Get iced, get strapped, recover better.
This months box value…… R860.00. #boom