Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all you questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, drop us a mail and we will get right back to you.

What is the Unicorn Fitness Box?

We are a magical monthly subscription of all things fitness, just for women. We provide you with local and international products that are new and innovative or tried and tested with your opportunity to review every product you get. We are sure to cover all of your healthy lifestyle and fitness needs in each box, from apparel to nutrition, equipment, recovery and information. In short, all of the magical fitness stuff.

How Does It All Work?

Super simple. Sign up for one of our subscription packages. Make a secure online payment. Give us all your details and clothing sizes to create your Fitness profile. Then wait for the box to be shipped to you at the end of the month for all the awesomeness inside.

So What Do I Get In The Box?

6 to 7 products from companies that are passionate about fitness and healthy living, covering equipment, apparel, recovery, nutrition and information.

How Does Subscription Billing Work?

Once you selected one of our packages you will be billed monthly on your credit card provided. All our subscriptions are re-occurring monthly payments that can be cancelled anytime, but if you commit to a longer package you receive discounted rates. ( Please see “Can I cancel my subscription?” for more details. )

Is There A Monthly Deadline?

Yes there is. In order for us to prep and pack all the boxes, orders for that month close on the 18th of that month at midnight. Meaning, if you order before the 18th, you will receive you box at the end of the month. Anything after the 18th and you will receive it the following month. If you not sure on deadlines and timing, drop us a mail for assistance.

I hate waiting! When do I get my box?

We start shipping as close to the deadline close as possible. You will receive your box anywhere from the 24th of the month.

Where can I get my box?

Anywhere. We ship all over the country to your home, office, gym or the stable where you house your unicorn. We have standard shipping rates with the best couriers in the business and we ship internationally! International shipping will be calculated on a case to case basis.

Can I can cancel my subscription?

Yes, we will miss you of course. You can cancel anytime by logging in to your profile and cancelling your subscription. We cannot refund or cancel boxes that have already been shipped, but are able to accommodate before the deadline.

Can I exchange sizes or products?

We will try our best to accommodate you in every way possible. If we sent you the wrong size, of course we will change it up for you. If you receive the size you selected and it doesn’t fit we will see what stock we have available to exchange it for you. Email us to see what we can do for you.

I want to send a box as a gift, can I?

We have an option in the sign up page to select “Gift Box”. This will be billed to your account, but delivered to the address and contact person you provide.

How do I get a hold of you guys?

Email us on info@unicornfitnessbox.co.za or drop us a private message @unicornfitnessbox on our social media.

“ The magic is real! I subscribed as a gift for my girlfriend, and she is overjoyed! Part of why I love this idea so much (besides for the obvious money saving aspect) is because it gives you something special to look forward to each month. Great service, friendly people, super happy with the choice we made! ”


“ What a way to end my Monday! Thanks @unicornfitnessbox for the special treats. Back at my happy place tomorrow to put them all to good use! ”

“ @unicornfitnessbox thanks for all the goodies!! ”