We cannot tell you how excited we are to send you this months box! With all the changes and upgrades we are making to your Unicorn Fitness Box, we thought, lets blow the budget and jam pack this months box. Literally, jam pack, you would of seen that we struggled to close the box this month as there was just too much #magicalfitnessstuff, we even had to leave the magazine out!!!!

NPL is dying to get there products into your hands and have shown that with their premium lifestyle range in supplements and their top of the line shaker. Expect to see them sometime again soon with the new line of products!! We have finally managed to get you ladies the premium of premium workout leggings! Day Chaser’s range of apparel is out of this world and we know you are going to love these workout pants. Making sure you get the best in what on the go nutrition has to offer, Wazzogles pulled their last outgoing stock to make sure that you ladies have the latest flavor in their oat range. Looking for a different perspective and point of view in your lifestyle and training? Women Health Magazine has dropped the latest issue in your box for this months education product.
Not to brag, but this months box is worth…….R960.00. Just saying #winning.