Release tension, relax muscles and stimulate nerves with these lightweight and sturdy Powercore Massage Balls. Portable and easy to use, the massage ball with spiky sensory points helps relieve stress, pain and tension and increase well-being by improving blood flow and promoting healing.
Perfect for all-over sensory stimulation, the mildly pliable massage ball can be used to loosen problem areas in the feet, shoulders and back, enhancing muscle performance and reducing risk of injury.Spiky Massage Balls are designed to stimulate the blood circulation, and massage muscles and relieve tension. These robust therapeutic balls provide a multidimensional product of excellent value.

  • It has perfect texture for self massage
  • Foot & Hand Massage
  • Upper Trapezius, Chest
  • Upper limb and lower limb
  • Thoracic and Lumbar
  • Glute and Hip

It is an excellent means of reducing tension (from stressful activities), relieving aching feet (from standing for long periods, walking, running) and improving circulation. The Powercore Massage Ball offers a simple and pleasant method of self massage that can be done anytime – at work or home.